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Closet Solution

Regal Glass will provide you with a comprehensive closet solution to enhance the functionality and appearance of your closet as well as to maximize its space. We also provide melamine and ventilated wire closet shelving.


You'll get a custom closet that is designed from scratch by a professional closet designer. Our designer will use fresh, innovative ideas and the best products to design your closet. You're GUARANTEED to get enough space to go with your awesome closet style!

Incredible Custom Closet Solutions

Great home value benefits of your custom closet

A well-designed closet will enhance the look as well as value of your home. Also, it is one of the most important factors that home shoppers consider when weighing their options.


To maximize the potential value benefits of your new custom closet, Regal Glass offers you sturdy Rubbermaid brand products that will last for years.


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Maximize the Spaciousness and Style of Your Closet!

Closet Solution